bangablog 4

I took my team out for dinner last night which turned out to be great fun. They’re a really good bunch, but in the morning I was feeling a bit of inward discomfort and was nervous about eating later. I skipped lunch and had a couple of pepto bismol tablets (I took Emma’s advice to have tablets rather than liquid – one dose of which is two tablespoonsful, after which you feel totally bloated) which seem to have done the job. The event was good fun and there was lots of joking around, but it was also pretty exhausting – being on the spot and expected to be gregarious and keeping up with the accents for three hours straight is quite tiring.

I gave three of the team a ride home which was fun – it meant that I got to see a couple of other parts of the city. One of the women lives in the very old part, so she directed the driver through progressively narrow streets – it was quite exciting and what you expect several hundred year old Indian streets to look like. Lots of market stalls and people around even at almost 11pm, kids playing cricket, dogs running about or sleeping, cows loping along and lots of creaky buildings looming in. A different world for sure.

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