Emma’s friend Helen is over from England for a week, which is fun. We’ve been doing our best to look after her, including taking her out to the pub last night after the service we did at St Mark’s – a Requiem Mass, with the DuruflĂ© Requiem, which went well and is a v yummy piece of music.

Today we drove out to the little town of Stillwater, which is on the bank of the St Croix (to rhyme with Troy) river. It’s mostly antique stores, but there are a nice couple of food places too. It’s an unseasonably gorgeous day which helped – sunny and fairly warm. Then we went a bit further up the river to Taylor’s Falls, which is a bit less scenic in the actual town, but does have some nice places to walk on the rocks by the river. It’s notable for amazing potholes which were worn out of the rock by the river in days of yore. They’re often fairly deep – up to 60 feet – and many of them are almost perfectly round. There’s also a rather bonkers Christmas store in the town, where Emma finally found a nice (not-tasteless) nativity scene. We’re thinking that as we’re going back to Britain on Christmas Day, there’s not a lot of point having a tree, so a nativity scene would be a nice wee decoration.

Anyway, tonight we’re going to take Helen out for a good American burger. Yum yum.

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