Although he’s been insisting for a few weeks that he’s already three years old, it’s Toby’s third birthday tomorrow (Jan 25). He’s really excited about it, and we’ve been tracking the days as we count down – our friend Arwen got him a 3D dinosaur calendar for Christmas so it’s been quite handy for crossing off the days till the 25th.

Emma’s mum is arriving from Bermuda tonight and will be staying for a couple of weeks – it’s great that she’ll be able to celebrate with us. And on Saturday afternoon we’re having a few of Toby’s friends over for a wee party. Our first one where we’ll have actual party games and things.

It’s kind of odd that he’s a real little boy now, able to express many of his ideas (even if some of them are rather random) and ask questions about the world. Our relationship has definitely changed a lot in the last year – there’s certainly a bit more in the way of discipline, although not too much because he’s generally very well behaved; and a lot more conversations about, for lack of a better word, stuff. It’s lots of fun.

It’s interesting to see how much he’s grown physically and how his shape has changed (not to mention that he has a full head of hair now). He loves to look at old photos of himself on his website and see himself with various friends and family members. I hope he’s still such a happy guy over the next three years.

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