viva croydon

My brother Richard called me last night from Las Vegas. He’s visiting for a friend’s wedding, and seemed quite pleased with himself – it’s the first time he’s done a long flight (he doesn’t, or didn’t, like flying which is why he hasn’t come to visit me here yet (I’ve been here in Minneapolis for almost seven years now)). It sounds like he’s been having a great time – enjoying the enormous food, taking note of how different American TV is compared with British, experiencing how friendly people are in stores etc. I told him to stop buying clothes there because they’re cheaper here in Minnesota where there’s no sales tax.

His friends who are getting married are staying in the Bellagio hotel – a few of them went over on Monday night to look at the view. Richard said that it’s pretty incredible, and in his words “a bit like Croydon”. You be the judge:


Las VegasLas Vegas

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