perfect browsing

Paul told me today about the Camino browser for the mac. I may have noted before that there are only really two things I don’t like about the mac so far – lack of an inbuilt FTP agent in Finder, and the Safari browser, which has a couple of things which just don’t work so well. I’ve been using Firefox, completely my Windows browser of choice, but it has a few niggles on the mac, such as tabbing through online forms, where the non-text fields are skipped. So I have just been trying Camino and it’s a revalation. The speed is outstanding, the text is clear and it just works, the way things should for the mac.

I also downloaded the CamiTools add-on which makes it even more powerful, with an ad-blocker type feature, and also the ability to fool websites into believing that you’re running a different browser (which as far as I remember is a feature in Opera on Windows). This means I can tell gmail that I’m actually running Firefox so the scripting runs just a little more smoothly. I’m going to tell Emma about it too – her college website is coded only to run on Internet Explorer, and as you may know IE is basically desupported for Mac, so now she’ll be able to view it on Camino, pretending that it’s IE. Nice and easy.

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