four things

I was meme tagged by Richard today, having seen this meme on another website just yesterday. So here goes:

Four jobs that I�ve had

* Paper Boy – a little shop in Aberdeen
* Really bad waiter � Aberdeen Holiday Inn
* Pretty good waiter – Pierre Victoire, central Glasgow
* Software Quality Assurance manager – Minneapolis

Four movies I can watch over and over

* Amadeus (very topical for today)
* The Big Lebowski
* The Godfather parts I and II
* Goodfellas

Four places I have lived

* Aberdeen, Scotland
* Glasgow, Scotland
* Edinburgh, Scotland
* Minneapolis, MN, USA

Four TV shows I like to watch

* Arrested Development (RIP)
* The Office (UK and US versions)
* Family Guy
* Globetrekker

Four foods that I like

* Cheese
* Crusty bread
* Bacon
* Curry

Four websites I visit daily

* Gmail
* BBC News
* Bloglines
* Washington Post

Four things I want to do before I die

* Retire
* Not have to worry about money
* Meet my grandchildren
* Continue to feel like my career has been worthwhile

Four places I would rather be right now

* At home in bed
* Hiking the hills in Scotland (or England)
* In a warm country pub with friends, after having spent a day doing the above
* The Pacific North West (Northwestern USA/Southwestern Canada)

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