three close shaves

Close shave #1: I got Toby the Wallace and Gromit three adventure DVD for his birthday – we watched a couple of them over the weekend and I think he really enjoyed them. It’s nice to watch something a little more sophisticated than Bob the Builder with him. One of the adventures is of course “A Close Shave”.

Close shave #2: I said something to someone which was misconstrued as me knowing something I shouldn’t have and caused a fair bit of grief. I think it’s kind of rough short term but should work itself out. I still feel pretty bad about it though.

Close shave #3: There’s a new razor just been released: the Gillette Fusion. It has a ridiculous sounding five blades and I got mine yesterday, to see what it would be like. It did feel very different from a regular razor, and smoother and easier – the theory is that it reduces friction and tension on your skin, meaning that you can use fewer strokes to shave, which cuts down on irritation. I’m impressed with how good their manufacturing quality must be to get the blades all lined up so incredibly accurately.

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