toddler stammer

I posted this entry about Toby’s transient toddler stammer back in April 2005, and I’ve noticed that it has been a regular search phrase for people visiting this blog. I hope that what I typed was at least semi-useful for people looking for answers. The stammer actually disappeared after just a couple of weeks – I think it was a lot to do with the thoughts forming in his head before he could quite remember the words he wanted.

I’ve noticed something interesting over the last month or so, which follows up from the whole toddler stammer thing (apart from Toby at age three isn’t really a toddler any more) which is that when he’s thinking he does a kind of inverse stammer. For example if I ask him a question where he needs to ponder something he’ll say “Well, I think …. k …. k …. k …. that the cat did it!” Here’s an example:

Last night suddenly out of the blue he said “Daddy, computer classes [he gets a weekly computer class at daycare] are not for girls, only for boys“. We were a little taken aback at this attitude, so Emma asked why can’t girls take the class. Toby responded that they’re only for boys who are three. Emma said, “but what if you’re a girl, can’t you take a class?” Toby said “But I’m a boy who is three.” I followed up with “but say, hypothetically, that you were a girl, who is three, could you take a computer class?” which got the inverse stammer going: “Weelllllll, I think … k … k … that …. hey! Look out of the window!” We did eventually persuade him that the girls in his class can also learn about computers, and I’m not sure where he got this whole idea from.

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