in our dreams

I wrote this on Sunday night but have been too busy to post till today, Thursday:

Over the weekend we decided that we would rise above Toby’s going-to-sleep issues and get out for a bit. On Thursday I had a work party, so one of the Sunday school teachers babysat, and that seemed to go very well. Friday night was Emma’s last class at college for this term, so I was home alone with Toby – plenty fun for us. On Saturday evening there was a big fundraiser party at the cathedral – a rather swanky do where pretty much everyone was well dressed up (I and at least four other guys were wearing kilts) and the pews had been removed from the nave and replaced with dinner tables – it was all very Hogwarts. I think they’ll have made a lot of money for the ministries. Toby had a sleepover at Lauren and Sam’s which he very much enjoyed; unfortunately he woke in the night because monkeys were getting his feet. He told Paul (Lauren and Sam’s dad) that they should go and get me, and that he (Toby) would drive so it would be OK. Then last night we were out again – we’re doing Compline services at the cathedral each Sunday night at 9 during Advent, so if you’re in Minneapolis and would like a soothing Compline service this is the thing for you.

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