unlikely minor calamities

Before you read the rest of this post, read this article from the Onion: “Everything that can go wrong listed“. It includes such scenarios as

“Knocking a cup of coffee off a counter with a light jerk of the wrist; breaking a tooth while comically pretending to bite down on the Great Pyramid of Giza; lowering lifeboats into the water when they are only filled to half capacity; tripping on cable and falling to floor with broken ankle while angrily storming off set of 24; building shanty on hillside instead of floodplain in anticipation of monsoon season, then getting buried in erosion-triggered mudslide anyway.”

Well something like this happened to me not once but twice last night:

1) I got Toby in the bath and sat down next to the bath. I took off my glasses and folded them while they were slightly too near to my chin, resulting in the hinge catching a hair in my beard, which I didn’t initially realize and when I moved my glasses away to put them on the shelf it pulled the hair which was surprisingly painful.
2) I was watching TV when Scout came and sat on me. It was all fine until he clawed my sweater and seemed to get his claw stuck. I got hold of his paw to help him remove himself without snagging the sweater, but he got alarmed and ended up clawing me on the pad of my thumb.

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