We’re now in Aberdeen and I’m using a slooooooow dial-up connection. I’d forgotten how slow it is, although I was really impressed with how well gmail handles it. Also typing on a UK keyboard is interesting. I’d forgotten that the left shift key is half the size of on a US keyboard, because there’s a \ key there too, and the enter key is smaller on the middle row, because there’s a # key there. And ” and @ are the wrong way round. So lots of backspacing.

Anyway, we had a pretty successful trip over – the only difficulty being that Toby was fast asleep when we had to land at Iceland, and got really mad when we tried to sit him up to fasten his seatbelt, so the last ten minutes of that flight consisted of me pinning him down while he yelled. But he did really well apart from that. He got a little homesick in London at my brother’s house but he’s been excellent. When we flew up to Aberdeen he hardly even looked up from his coloring at takeoff time.

The visit to London was brief but somewhat challenging. Emma developed a rather miserable cold, and I got a really nasty dose of what I’m sure was food poisoning from the fish and chip shop, which I’m still getting over four days later. Toby’s been a wee star and has gotten on great with his family members. He stayed home with his granny today while Emma and I ventured out in the rain to the middle of Aberdeen for a bit of shopping. So many people around and very crowded – we agreed that it almost makes you appreciate the Mall of America which for all its nonsense very seldom feels overcrowded and has such high ceilings that it’s actually quite pleasant sometimes. It’s also frustrating from a shopping point of view here, because with the current exchange rate the clothes are so much more expensive than back home, but I think we have more than enough stuff, so we’ll survive.

My brother David is arriving this evening, and Richard, Robin and Annia get here tomorrow so it’ll be a full house for Christmas. I’m really excited.

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