grumpy boy

Toby’s been really grumpy the last couple of days, which is not like him. I think he’s maybe not been sleeping so well – he’s been having some very vivid dreams which cause him to shout that someone’s taking his ice cream, for example. So yesterday Hallowe’en came and went without much impact on our house. We were going to take him trick or treating as we did last year (then he had a tiger costume; this year it was Buzz Lightyear) but he just didn’t want to and we didn’t want to push him, so we ended up hanging out upstairs in the office where he and I played on the computer for ages. Upshot is that we have tons of leftover candy we had bought for the neighborhood tykes which now is on my desk at work. Further grumpiness – this morning I was going to walk/stroller him to school which usually he really enjoys but he totally refused.

Part of the deal might be that he’s started visiting the next class up at school. He was scheduled to start round about his third(!!!) birthday, Jan 25th, but they’re having him move sooner partly because we’re going to be away for three weeks and the school thought it would be better for him not to be moving at about that time, and also they say that he’s totally ready to go – his language, concentration and everything else are very good so they think we should do it. But I believe it’s leading to him being a bit over-excited, over-tired, unsettled and, most of all, grumpy.

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