Here’s some data which was buried in the Washinton Post’s White House Briefing today

A new CBS News poll shows Bush’s approval rating dropping to a shockingly low 35 percent — with 51 percent of those polled saying they consider the leak case a matter of great importance to the nation.

Cheney’s favorable rating is down nine points this year to just 19 percent.

John Roberts reports on the CBS Evening News: ‘The plunging poll numbers is another dose of bad news for a White House mired in it. The only recent president lower at this point in their term was Richard Nixon.’

More results can be found here.

The poll shows the public considers this the most important political scandal since Watergate, surpassing Clinton-Lewinsky, Whitewater and even Iran-Contra.

It also shows that only 32 percent of Americans think that before the war, the Bush administration was telling all or most of what they knew about weapons in Iraq, compared to 38 percent who feel they were hiding important elements and 26 percent who think they were ‘mostly lying.’

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