ports of passage

Just had a slightly traumatic week. At work we’re winding up a big project for a client in England, and it seemed that they wanted a couple of people from Minneapolis to go over – me being one of them. However, when I called Emma on Wednesday to ask if she would mind if I went, she (very kindly) said no, but did I remember that we don’t have our passports?

I’m working here in America on an H1b visa, which you initially get for 2 1/2 years, and then renew for up to a total of 6 years. Em and I renewed ours in March this year, so we’re all set to continue living and working here, but there’s a separate step if you want to leave and return to this country, involving sending your passport to Washington DC with the renewed visa documentation. We did this early September, as we knew we’d need them back for our trip home at Christmas. However, it had been two months and we hadn’t heard anything. Plus the Department of State only has a fax number, no phone to get status updates. So I faxed them on Wednesday but didn’t hear anything back, and someone else went over to England for me. However, when we got back from coffee and shopping today, an envelope had been pushed under our door containing our passports, fully stamped! Hooray. I’m actually quite impressed that a big government department could get that sorted so quickly, and it’s also a big relief to have my passport back. I may yet have to zoom over to the UK, but we’ll see how things go.

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