a good boy

Toby was great today. Emma took him for a flu shot mid-afternoon and she said that he was incredibly well behaved, and didn’t cry when the nurse gave him the injection. He was very proud of his Scooby Doo plaster and phoned me when he got home to tell me about it.

He was singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” (it’s worth following that link for the history of the famous song) while we were getting supper ready.

At supper he didn’t really want to eat what Emma had made – steak and potato casserole – and ended up eating about a half pound of broccoli instead. Then he ate a gigantic piece of bread. We were going to tell him to eat his casserole but had a “what are we doing?” moment when we realized he was eating his greens along with the wholegrain organic bread.

And to top it all off he and I had a great time playing with his trains, and I got him to sleep before 9pm – almost unheard of these days.

UPDATE: well it wasn’t quite perfect. It turns out that he did in fact mar our evening by somehow persuading TiVo to stop recording Arrested Development with 11 minutes to go, so we didn’t see what happened with Mr F. Curses.

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