close thing

Lack of posts: been very exhausted lately, largely due to Toby coming through to our room every night. Almost always he climbs into our bed and goes right back to sleep so we often don’t even notice, but two or three nights in a row he came through just as I was falling asleep and it knocked me wide awake for several hours.

Last night when he came through it was about 4am and I was deeply asleep but vaguely remembered him asking me to help him put his pajama trousers back on. I didn’t really wonder about why they would be off before I fell back to sleep and had pretty much forgotten about it till the morning when I took him through to the bathroom and realized that he wasn’t wearing his diaper. I asked him where his diaper was and he said “I put it in the bin”. So when did you do that? “Last night I took it off while I was dreaming”. Fortunately he sayed dry for the whole time he was in our bed – close thing indeed.

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