toby talk

Paul posted a nice wee story about Sam and his talking today which prompted me to document some of the things Toby says these days. Before we start though, I should mention that we took Toby to the park a couple of nights ago because it was a beautiful fall evening, and it reminded me of when he was smaller and would do a toddler run down the street, shouting “shallwerun!” as he went.

Anyway, Toby, like Sam, is quite into explaining things. In fact for some weeks now he has started sentences and entire thoughts with “coz”, so if he comes through to our room in the night he’ll wake me up and say “coz I need some water” or “coz I had a funny dream”. Last weekend he and I went to the grocery store and got some flowers for Emma while we were there. When we got home and were in the garage I got him to phone her – he didn’t say hello or anything, just “coz we did get you some flowers”.

The other thing he’s learning about is knowing when he knows something or not. Now he’s learning about letters more we’ll ask him for examples of words that begin with a certain letter. He’s really good with some, like C for cat or cucumber, but sometimes the conversation will go “Toby, do you know a word that begins with G?” “Yes” “What word begins with G?” “I dunno”.

Also he’s a little confused sometimes about explaining things, especially when it’s an uncomfortable situation. The other night he had drawn on something he shouldn’t have and the conversation was “Toby, why did you draw on the door?” “Why.” (not said as a question, just the word) “Yes, why did you do that?” “Why.” “Toby, what’s the story here?” “Coz I did draw on the door”.

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