bad parents

Today is Friday which is usually Emma’s day off, and she was planning to have Toby at home with her. However when we asked him this morning what he wanted to do today, he said “go to school”. And he was very definite about it. So we decided to send him to school, which Emma was doubly unhappy about because she thinks he doesn’t want to spend time with her, and also she has to clean the house (it needs to be cleaned, but also we’re having a party for a friend on Sunday to which, alarmingly, 23 people have been invited).

Seeing as the weather is still so good for the time of year – high of 70F forecast for today – I decided to walk Toby in to school, but of course we went through the usual nonsense with him not wanting to wear a coat or sweater. So after a lot of arguing I decided that he’d just wear his shirt without another layer, and he’s old enough to tell me if he’s freezing. I hate to admit that he was right and it was so mild that he didn’t really need a coat, but that’s kind of beside the point. Oh well.

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