We’re working on a couple of concepts with Toby at the moment. One is shadows, which is going OK at the moment what with the beautifully sunny weather we’re having. However this morning while I was walking him into school he got a bit upset because “the lady [who walked past us] walked all over my shadow”.

Another concept is that of recycling. Bob the Builder right now is very into social conscience, so there’s a lot of “reduce, reuse, recycle”. We were reading it tonight, during a very long and somewhat infuriating (for me) going-to-sleep session, and Toby said “Daddy, we don’t recycle cats do we? Just … um … t-shirts and jeans.” I said that usually it’s papers and bottles and boxes that we recycle. Toby almost redeemed himself by saying “yes, and also cans” but I have a sneaking suspicion that he still doesn’t really get it, although to be fair, his statements were factually correct.

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