working hard

Amidst being worked off my feet at the office I have lots going on in the choir at St Mark’s. Apart from the day-to-day things, we’re working on Handel’s Messiah. I’ve never done it all the way through before, but it’s actually rather fun, not least because we’re doing it at baroque pitch, so it’s a semitone down from how it looks on the page, so slightly easier. But only slightly. There are several different productions going on around the Twin Cities over the holiday season, but I (and the Star Tribune) think that this one is going to be a bit special as it’s being sung with a small choir and hopefully a bit more subtlety than the big overdone versions.

One of the choruses features the unusual word burthen which was my friend Richard’s word of the day a while back. It is a good word, that’s for sure

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