Today is photo day at Toby’s daycare. We don’t have a very good track record with this – he (and many of the other kids) have a history of freaking out at all the equipment round the room, such as the big flash umbrellas and all the cabling the photographer uses. Not to mention getting him to wear what we want him to wear for the picture. He dresses quite well on the whole, but it’s not always easy right now to get him to wear a sweater, for example. We walked past the picture room on the way in this morning and took him in to give him a look around, and he seemed kind of interested, so we’ll see what happens.

Toby used a great word last night – he was in the bath and we were talking about animals. He mentioned a shark and I asked him if he’d ever seen a shark:

“Yes I have seen a shark”

“Where was it?” I asked. “Were you in a museum?”

“No, I was at the zoo”

“So, what was the shark doing?”

“He was … [eyes wide] lurking

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