toby’s progress

Caution – extreme parental boasting ahead!

We had our six-monthly parent-teacher conference at Toby’s school this morning, and made it there for 7:45am to meet with Lisa, one of his teachers. I’m pleased to report that he’s doing really well – she says that overall he’s very smart and is a joy to have there. The categories (and I’m sure Emma will leave a comment if I’ve forgotten everything were as follows:

Large motor skills, such as running, jumping, kicking and throwing balls etc. He’s very active and loves to climb, ride his trike etc. This is interesting because apparently when I was a kid I was very vocal but not very active, and I guess I was told that children are often one or the other. However Tobe loves to run and is an excellent climber. At the park there’s a ladder thing which is about 7 feet high – he zooms up and over and down and loves it.

Fine motor skills: Lisa said that he’s really good with his fingers, with things like coloring and using scissors. One thing we appreciated was that his concentration is good, and also that he seems to have worked through some of the frustration he used to have – he’ll spend a good few minutes trying to unwrap a cereal bar before asking for help if he needs it. Six months ago it sounded like dealing with frustration was a bit of a sore point for him, so it’s good that he’s working it through. He’s also doing well with sorting and with puzzles (which he really enjoys doing at home) to the extent that when she puts out the puzzles for the class he’ll be done with his almost right away and spends the rest of the time helping the other kids. This will either make him really popular or a total pariah (Lisa says he’s going to be a girl magnet).

Language: Regular readers will know that his language is (pardon my boasting) very good and advanced for his age. Lisa said that she appreciates that he is polite and uses his words well. Apparently he’s really good with his numbers and also at knowing more advanced opposites – the example she used was most at this age know up-down, but he also gets things like push-pull.

Knowing gender: He is currently highly aware of his gender and all the attachments that involves. And he tells everyone all about it every time they go to the bathroom. Now I think about it, we may have to tone this one down a bit.

Sociability: He’s good at sharing and seems to realize other people’s emotions. For example when we put him into the classroom this morning one of the boys was crying for his mom. Toby seemed to get that he was upset and why, and went to play with him to cheer him up.

Expulsion: He’s doing really well with potty training, and goes about 4 out of 5 days without having liquid accidents. Although we’re still working on the number 2s which he really doesn’t like doing in the toilet. She said that’s not anything to worry about right now and he’ll probably just get it right in the next few months.

So generally I felt really good about how he’s doing and also just how good the daycare is. They do so much teaching as well as play time and it’s a fantastic environment for him to be in. We also spoke about when he’d move up to the next class – preschool 1 – and whether it should be before or after our Christmas vacation. Personally I think it should be before – we’re in no rush to push him, especially as he’s enjoying where he is so much but as of last week he’s the oldest in his class now and I’d hate to see him get frustrated because of that. So we’re going to talk with the school director in the next few weeks to see how it should work.

Nice work, Tobes, you’ve made your parents very proud.

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