On Friday night Toby went for a sleepover at Lauren and Sam’s so that Em and I would get a night out, and of course so that he would have lots of fun with his best friends. both objectives were satisfactorally achieved. Em and I went out to see the new Wallace and Grommit movie which was a lot of fun. Afterwards we were planning to get something to eat, but it ended up being something of a challenge. We went down past the Cheesecake Factory at Southdale Mall, but due to the fact that you can’t book we had an experience rather similar to this one, except we arrived at about 7:30pm by which time the wait for a table for two was around 70 mnutes. We didn’t stay, and I’m quite glad. We did buy a couple of way overpriced pieces of cheesecake for dessert at home though, and went for good simple Italian food at D’Amico’s instead.

The rest of the weekend was good too. Em had an essay to do so I got a lot of Toby time, and singing at St. Mark’s went very well. We had about 70 people at evensong which is a great sized crowd. Apparently they very much enjoyed the almost all-Howells program we had for them.

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