home again

Got back from Atlanta last night. Toby and Emma were at the airport to meet me which was great. Toby gives a good hug. The flight was actually very good – my first time on Delta. When we were getting going the pilot came on the intercom: “Thank you ladies and gentlemen for choosing us as your bankrupt airline today. We know you have a choice of bankrupt airlines, so we’re happy that you think we’re the best of the broke.”

Today it’s dress-up day at Toby’s school. We got him a Buzz Lightyear costume, and the day it arrived he loved it and wore it all evening. However this morning he didn’t want to wear it at all and was very upset. He seemed in an odd mood anyway. So I’m not sure what the deal was but after about 20 minutes at school he appeared to relax and enjoy being a space ranger.

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