winding down

So today is my last full day in India, for now anyway. From a work point of view we ended up really well, getting some great people to hire – really excellent. From a getting out and seeing the place point of view however I’m winding down somewhat. I wanted to scout around some of the shopping areas but by lunchtime today I was feeling really rough, achy and in need of lying down. Bob, who is here working with me, had the same thing yesterday, took a couple of antibiotics and felt way better, so I came back to the hotel to do the same thing. I’m feeling not nearly so bad now but still a bit wiped. I think it’s a combination of working hard, the food, the time difference and maybe even a bit of culture shock. So anyway I’m just going to lie low tonight and hopefully be well refreshed for the long plane rides home tomorrow. Can’t wait to get back to Emma and Toby, that’s for sure.

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