In the interests of completeness I have posted a few final pictures of my India trip – you can see them at this link.

Incidentally it’s really annoying that Safari doesn’t have all the same buttons on the toolbar in Blogger as every other browser, including the add link button.

Not pictured in this series is anything to do with my epic 36 hour journey home, including the heat, stink and general grottiness of Mumbai airport where I had four hours to hang around in the middle of the night. About half an hour of this was spent standing in sweltering heat waiting for the bus to transfer from the domestic to international terminals. It was pretty nasty, but kind of cool in an I can survive funky international travel experiences kind of way. Also had a long layover in Amsterdam airport, where I sat and watched Lord of the Rings on my little DVD player. Then we got on the plane and sat for about 2 hours while they found and tried to fix an electrical fault on the plane, then we had to get off and get on a different plane. At least they found the problem while we were on the ground.

It was great to get home, apart from hardly being able to read Toby’s story books that night. He got annoyed with me because the wrong words kept coming out of my mouth. Also culture shock going to church was more powerful than I expected – everyone was so scrubbed and clean and well fed.

Back to work and really really busy, which is why I haven’t posted until now.

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