gmail hard drive space

I found an article today about how to use gmail’s amazing free storage space as a virtual hard drive – basically you install software on your PC which allows you to drag and drop files right into your gmail account and they show up as emails from yourself, so you can access these files from anywhere you like. Emma’s been talking for a while about having an online storage space, and I was going to set something up on the server, but this might be easier.

But! There seem to be a couple of flaws here. Firstly Google has sometimes blocked this tool. Secondly there doesn’t seem to be a mac version, and as Emma is a funky mac user this wouldn’t really cut it.

So! Here’s my quick and easy suggestions to do this. She can just email herself her documents which she might want to work on from a different computer. If she makes sure she always has something like “FILE” at the start of the email subject line it would be a snap to create a filter in gmail to ensure that they always get put into a “Files” folder so that they don’t clutter up her inbox and distract from regular emails.


You’re welcome.

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