As I was leaving choir rehearsal last night I bumped into the Dean of the Cathedral who said that he really enjoyed overhearing our singing. We were chatting as we walked to the parking lot when we noticed someone lying in one of the porches of the building, outside an office door. We spoke to him to tell him that we had to lock the gate of the porch so he couldn’t sleep there, but seeing as the weather was so bad – strong storms – could we help him to a shelter and pay for his stay there? He shook his head but told us he was hungry, so we told him to stay where he was while we tried to find something. We got a great big tub of corn, some chicken salad mix and a few sandwiches plus a bottle of Coke, for which he seemed really grateful. We walked him over to a covered place where he could stay, and talked with him as we walked. He’s called Raphael, and is originally from El Salvador, although he said he’d lived here for 15 years. We said good night and I hoped he was OK.

This morning while I was walking to the office I actually passed him on the street. Not sure if he recognized me but at least he was OK through the storms last night.

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