back at last

Several irate readers have complained that I haven’t posted for ages. Well, yes. Here’s a selection of excuses/reasons:

1) I got sick. Very nasty, especially as it was timed to coincide with the night Em and I were supposed to go out for our 5th anniversary while Toby went for a sleepover with Lauren and Sam. I felt ill during the day at work and when I got home my fever was 102, which it hovered around for the next 24 hours. Toby still had his sleepover and loved it, but Emma’s and my evening and next morning were the almost exact opposite of what I’d had planned.

2) Been very busy at work – in a good way though. I’m getting a lot more direct reports/responsibility which is great but takes a lot of time and effort to do right. Seeing as my company and not my blog readers pay me, the company wins. Also I’ve had a little travel – down to the Bay Area in California last week which is a very nice part of the world. Pretty productive meetings for two days too. Flying back the view as we left San Francisco was aweseome – ocean, mountains, desert. A full hour of turbulence was less fun and made doing my crossword puzzle a little tricky.

3) Getting ready for more travel. This weekend I’m off to India for just over a week to help set up a new office there. Insanely long trip for only 5 days of work. Fly from Minneapolis to Amsterdam (8 hours) then to Mumbai/Bombay (8.5 hours). I’ll be staying the night there and possibly getting a tour the next day, then to Bangalore (1.5 hours) that evening. I was supposed to be flying over and doing the tour with someone from work but she’s not able to go after all, so it’s just me.

4) Toby, after having been really good at going to sleep for a couple of weeks, is taking forever to go to sleep now for some reason. He doesn’t drift off till 10pm or later which is very frustrating for all of us and means that we don’t really get an evening to see each other. And the worst thing is he’s such a little cutie so you feel terrible for getting upset at him. Here’s a sampling of his goings on:

a) I heard him yesterday in the living room singing away “ba ba baa ba ba”. When I went through I saw he’d taken the thrown and seat cushion off our wooden chair, exposing the slats on the set. He was sat in front of it singing – “Daddy, I’m playing piano!”

b) He’s been correcting our pronounciation and words a lot lately: “Mummy, it’s not maracas, it’s mahraahcaahs”. “Mummy, this isn’t a store, it’s a Target“.

c) He’s been really good at looking after the cats and they seem to enjoy playing games with him on the whole

d) The sleepovers with Lauren and Sam have been quite a hit with both sets of kids. Two weeks after he went to theirs, they came over to our place for the night while Claire and Paul went out. We’re planning to extend this arrangement which seems to work out really well for all (when they’re not sick).

5) Finally on Sunday, yesterday, the new priest celebrated his first service at the Cathedral. As of time of writing, his info is not on our website. It was excellent to have him there – having been the chairman of the search committee I feel very relieved that it went so well and we got very good feedback. He’s got two young kids, the older one is three-year-old Hudson who met Toby in the nursery yesterday morning. They immediately hit it off and played together all morning. After the service we took Hudson down to the coffee room, with Tobe as tour guide: “Hudson these are our stairs. This is where we get our cookies. This is where we sit to eat our cookies. You sit there” and once they’d had a couple of cookies each, Toby and Hudson chased each other around the coffee room for another half hour.

That’s the update in a nutshell and I realize that since it didn’t take long how lazy I’ve been. My apologies, I’ll try to keep up to date more.

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