Reading the activity, not Reading in England or wherever else (probably several in these United States).

This post relates to Toby’s “reading” which is actually a rather impressive feat of memory. He has around 30 books (about 10 Thomas the Tank Engine, 5 or so Mr Men plus a couple of Bobs the Builder, and more) which are regularly read to him and he has a remarkably good memory when it comes to not just the storylines, but the specific wording. For example around 7 months ago he wanted the story of Danny and the Dinosaur every night. After a few days he got to the stage that he would say specific sentences in the right places (usually particularly emphasised sentences, such as “‘Down boy!’ said Danny” when the dinosaur climbs up a building) and after a few weeks he was able to recite pretty much all the first 30 pages word for word. Now it’s extended to pretty much all the books he has, so tonight he read a Thomas the Tank Engine book to me all the way through with only minor prompting and only around three sentences missed out. We also sang the song of the Owl and the Pussy Cat, a book of which we bought a couple of weeks ago and he just loves. I love hearing him sing “runcible spooooon”.

Oh yes, the point of the post. After me going on and on about how amazing he is, yada yada, Emma was telling me that he does in fact sometimes lose his place in a story – although I should take a moment to point out that if he was here Toby would be saying “no Daddy, that’s not a story, it’s a book!”. Emma sometimes catches him when she’s been in another room and he has picked up a book for reading, and will sometimes start halfway through, getting a little confused. He’ll read a little bit, pause, and then say “and all about this”.

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