getting ready

So I’m at work finishing off some things before I head out to India this evening. Marathon flights – 8+ hours to Amsterdam and then 8 1/2 hours to Bombay. Erk. I’m quite excited but feeling sad about not being with Em and Toby for a week. I did tell Toby about it a couple of days ago and he seemed a little downcast so we’ll see how he handles it when I head off to the airport this afternoon. I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine. Next month we’re going to do some travel together – going to Canada for my cousin’s wedding and it’ll be fun to be on the plane with Toby telling me to “go fast on your seatbelt Daddy”.

Also Toby and I have a top culinary tip: Do not under any circumstances attempt to mix corn with your pasta and pesto: it totally doesn’t work and is disgusting, especially if you use cheap supermarket shredded cheese instead of parmesan on top. We won’t be doing that again.

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