the weekend

We had a very nice weekend. Friday night we toddled along to the Women’s Club of Minneapolis to see Sigur R�s who were excellent. Very atmospheric, excellently played music. The audience were very polite while they were playing, and gave a great ovation at the end, which was good to see as it’s not the most accessible music ever. High points were the sound of the guitar – tons of reverb and when it was played with a violin bow it just sounded incredible with all the resonance and harmonics. Potential for being very prog rock, but I think they pulled it off and managed to stay cool.

The weather on Saturday was wonderful – after a couple of hours for coffee with our friend Hans we ran some errands, and then had a really nice walk around Lake of the Isles. It’s nice that it’s still sunny even though it’s now Fall. We also made the most of the weather on Sunday, when a few of us came downtown for lunch and sat outsite The Local for a couple of pints.

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