beware the salad

After a long trip and day and not much sleep last night, followed by a busy day at the office today and a crazy car ride home I didn’t feel like going out tonight – just need to recharge. So I got a delicious potato curry and naan from room service. I’d been warned about eating salads here, due to the fact that the water in which salad leaves are washed can be less than sanitary which leaves the nasties on the leaves. There was a little salad with the room service food, and I thought what the hey it’s a nice hotel, how bad can it be. So I picked up a green bean from the top of the little salad bowl and popped it in my mouth. Interesting seasoning I thought, a spicy dressing – Oh my god it’s a raw green chili. I’m OK though.

Now I’m about to shut off the computer and go to bed. There’s a rather boring documentary on TV about Churchill (although here’s his personal secretary saying he didn’t have a problem with drink – he just had a couple of whiskies with soda after breakfast, oh nothing much, a half bottle of champagne too, then after lunch a little couple of goblets of brandy, then whatever then whiskies and soda till bedtime), spiced up somewhat by the ad breaks. My favorite so far is an ad for flavored Tetley tea bags with a guy shouting excitedly in foreign followed by a picture of a smiling man with a beard, a cup of Tetley tea and what looks like a rifle over his shoulder. The tagline “Chai me life, Spice me life”.

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