It’s our company’s policy that if you’re away for more than three days for business it’s OK to expense getting laundry done in a hotel, and I was running low on clean clothes so thought I should get some done. It’s quite reasonably priced in this hotel, plus I spilled some curry on my sleeve last night. When I handed in the shirts and t shirts I checked the box on the laundry form asking for it all to be folded, rather than coming back on hangers, because it’ll make it easier to get packed if I don’t get around to wearing something before I go back. So my stuff was delivered to my room tonight on a wicker tray, all stacked up and with an orchid flower on top:

Everything is immaculately ironed and folded so will indeed be easy to put in my case – for the first time ever I might not mind packing. I could get used to this. Also each article is in an individual kind of fabric bag which has a label on the front: EcoTaj – 100% biodegradable.

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