I upgraded my home machine to Windows 2000 on Monday night – it (the PC) is two and a half years old now, and had been on Win98. All generally fine, and I suppose it had done quite well – I’d never had to reformat the drive or reinstall the OS. However, lately things have been crashing more than usual, especially Hotmail for some reason (Emma thinks that the computer is jealous of her and hates her). So it was time for a change.

I have to say I’m very impressed so far. At work I had the same upgrade done a couple of months ago – I guess I use quite intensive applications here, and 98 was crashing four or five times a day which was not good. Since getting Win2000 it hasn’t crashed once which is excellent. However I was nervous about running the upgrade myself at home, with no access to a helpdesk. But it all went well on the whole. I liked that it produced a report saying what may cause problems, and then told me that it would do its thing for 70 minutes, so I could go and cook dinner. It’s also running much better, faster and stabler than before, especially using MS Money. I think even Emma likes it more. However I should have read the report more closely – there are a couple of things which it said may be a problem and should be uninstalled under Win98 before upgrading which sure enough are not working right now and I can’t get rid of them. Me and my impatience. If anyone’s reading this and knows how to uninstall in these kinds of situations, let me know.

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