ar hardy nos

I think that’s the Welsh name of the hymn “All through the night”. Quoted because Toby for the second time this week slept right through the night in his own room last night. Makes a very big difference to us all. I hope that he’s going to start a good sleeping phase.

For a couple of months now he’s been pretty good at spotting and naming letters, and he’s starting to be good at knowing what they’re for. We watched the Sesame Street DVD “Learning about letters” last night, which he really enjoys. There’s one section where there’s kind of 70s muzak playing while they zoom in on letters in typical New York scenes – letters on signs, licence plates, plaques – right through the alphabet. Toby can name all of them as they go by, and last night when D came by he said “D – for you, daddy!”, “E for elephant”, and delightedly when T came up “T – for ME!”. A few days ago in the car we stopped behind a bus which had an ad for one of our more unpleasant commercial radio stations, 92 KQRS. The ad is just some letters on a black background, saying “92 KQRS” – how inventive. Toby said “look at those letters Daddy” so I asked him what they were. Interestingly he said “PQRS” which suggests to me that context is beginning to be more important to him than the specific letters themselves, maybe a step towards recognizing words.

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