sleep, anyone?

I thought we’d totally worn Toby out this weekend, especially today. We had a kind of early start and took him to the zoo, where we stayed until about 1:30. On the way home Em and I thought that we should get him a new toy or two – it is after all his 2 1/2 birthday tomorrow – so we popped by IKEA to look for a toy kitchen set, which we were both pretty sure they sold. However they seemed to have changed the selection, so no luck. Also he’d had a wardrobe malfunction so after a dash to the restrooms we had to leave because his shorts were wet. So Emma then nipped into Babies R Us to get him some new legwear, and then we went to the toy shop where we found an awesome barbecue set, with lots of foods for him to make. He totally loves his coffee maker set and we thought he’d like to make food for us too. We were correct – he played with it in a very focused way for a good couple of hours, and seemed to love it. Also for dinner I got him to help us make french bread pizza – I prepared all the toppings in little bowls, and got him to stand on a step by the counter so that he could put them on the pizzas. However getting him off to sleep seems to be not as easy as we’d hoped (same as last night actually). Emma’s been up there for about 45 minutes and he’s still not out. Maybe it’s the muggy weather or something, but it’s a little irritating as Em and I were hoping to hang out over a bottle of wine.

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