personal comments

Toby’s gotten to the adorable/alarming phase of passing personal comments on people he sees. For example both on the bus yesterday morning and at the grocery store last night he loudly commented on men who had big beards. I don’t think that’s too much of a problem, in that I doubt someone would take offense. However he was talking about someone who happens to be African American, and told me that he was brown. It was in no way a judgemental thing, it was just a comment, the same as Scout, our cat, is orange, or Thomas the Tank Engine is blue. But I did feel a little concerned that someone could be upset at hearing it (if they were sensitive, but who am I to judge?). I pointed out to him that yes they were (no point in denying it) and isn’t it nice to live where people are different colors? He seemed to like that, and I hope it was an appropriate thing to say. Let me know if you feel otherwise.

Another thing about the beard – while he was in the bath Toby was putting bubbles on his chin and saying that he had a beard. I asked him what color it was – “White” – and what it was made of “it is made of bubbles, Daddy”. I asked him what color my beard is: “It is made of hair, daddy, it did jump down from your head”.

Also today is Toby’s first attempt at wearing big-kid underpants, rather than diapers, at school. Good luck to him.

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