one more time

We saw a bizarrely horrifying and fascinating show last night – Hit Me Baby One More Time on NBC. Its format is that stars/bands from the 80s or early 90s come on stage and perform their greatest hit, then in the second half do a cover of a hit from today. One of the neat things was that at least the singing was live, so you get a good feel about whether they still have it or not. Another odd aspect was how British it all felt – including the fact that hosted by Vernon Kay, who it turns out also hosted the British version on ITV, and in fact the whole thing was produced by Granada America. Another “great” export, following on the heels of Millionaire, Weakest Link and American/Pop Idol. I’m so proud. I hope the Americans were able to understand his Northern accent – sample question to Cee Cee Peniston (still the only top ten singer to have a male-specific body part in her name) was “Ow did it feel to sing for the President of the Yoonydit Steuhts?”

Anyway, a couple of the turns were pretty horrible, especially Tiffanny and A Flock Of Seagulls (which was like watching a train crash in slow motion). The winners of the night were Arrested Development who were extremely impressive – very fresh and interactive both in their hit and their cover verstion.

For the now semi-obligatory comedy Toby moment of last night: he and I were playing catch on the porch last night – he’s got a good throw these days – quite powerful and accurate too. I threw the ball to him, which he missed catching and hit a green box which lives on the porch. Toby said, “You did hit the green bock”, which to him is apparently the singular of box.

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