Very mellow weekend, mostly. Emma had classes on Friday night so Toby and I hung out. We also had time to ourselves on Saturday morning when Emma had a work thing, so we rode the bus to downtown, then caught the train out to the Mall of America. We were going to stop at a park but it was pouring with rain, and to be honest Toby was having so much fun on the train I thought he’d like to ride to the end of the line. It’s a nice service too and was nice and busy. We had a good time in the mall – he drove a kiddy fire truck and we played in Lego world for a long time. In the evening we got a video of The Land before Time – a kids’ thing with animated talking dinosaurs. Not the most riveting thing ever for adults but Toby loved it. Nothing too scary, although challenging enough for him – just right.

On Sunday we had the final meeting of the search committee I’ve been chairing at St. Mark’s – we’re looking to hire a third priest. It was quite an experience – the first time I’d chaired a committee there, and it’s very high profile. We were making our final decision and it was an excellent meeting – open and honest with a great conclusion, where we all felt very happy about the outcome. Quite a relief to get it done and out of the way.

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