Next in an occasional series of me catching up with two-year-old technologies: I have just discovered the site Bloglines, which is like an online RSS reader, aggregating all the blogs (or any site with an RSS feed) into one place. A couple of benefits over an RSS reader application: you can sign in from any machine and see your blogs, and if you are so inclined, you can share your list of favorite blogs (here is my list). It even has a couple of neat software downloads, so that you can have a notifier on your desktop when new articles are posted, and a plugin for Firefox which makes it extra-easy to add a site to your list. They also offer a list of tips on cool ways to use Bloglines, such as adding weather feeds (although if you’re using Firefox you should be using ForecastFox for weather).

Speaking of weather, lots of storms last night, seemingly all night. It was so humid during the day – it felt like we were overdue. Toby ended up coming through to us, although I think it was just his problems sleeping rather than because of the storms. He’s being really bizarre about going to sleep lately, taking ages. It’s quite frustrating as it feels like Emma and I haven’t been able to spend an evening just hanging out in way too long.

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