It was my birthday on Friday, and very nice it was too. I took both Thursday and Friday off work, so it’s been a great long weekend. Emma and I sent Toby to school on Friday and then went out for brunch, it was great to just hang out together all day. I also got some very nice things, including some good books and CDs, the complete DVD set of Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, plus from Emma a pair of Birkenstock sandals and a really good guitar. She’d worked with my brother Richard to find a nice one on Amazon and I’m really pleased with what they found, which you can see here. It even came with a very nice solid case, so a great deal too.

Also very cool was her consideration that Toby might be a little upset that I had a guitar and he didn’t, so she also found a little Toby-sized guitar really cheap on Amazon. It’s not really playable in that it doesn’t hold its tuning and the frets are way off – what do you expect for $20? – but he LOVES it with a passion, and it’s great for him to learn to hold an instrument properly and learn to respect and look after something. He sits and strums away very happily, often singing too. Here’s a bunch of pictures of him with it.

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