darth broder

It’s my brother Richard’s 31st birthday today, which somehow makes me feel older than it having been my 33rd last week. My other brothers and I got together to get him an authentic Darth Vader helmet:

Not sure how he’s drinking the tea – you never saw DV drinking tea on the Death Star. Maybe that’s why he went over to the Dark Side.

We had a pretty nice weekend on the whole. It was quite hot, but not too humid so actually really comfortable. On Saturday we got a bike helmet for Toby, which he was so excited about he insisted on wearing out of the shop and all the way home in the car. We took him out on his trike in the afternoon and he did really well – he’s getting better at paying attention to steering and is very good about having me help him across roads. Photos to follow.

Yesterday afternoon we went down to Lake Harriet where we met with Paul, Claire, Lauren and Sam for a picnic and lots of little people running around. It was almost 90 degrees but because it was breezy and not humid it was very comfortable – wonderful in fact. Right now however it’s warm and very humid indeed. Looking out of the window I can see a mass of dark storm clouds approaching. The biggest downer is our old house with no central air conditioning – it’s usually only for a couple of weeks a year that it gets really uncomfortable inside due to the weather and this is one of those weeks. We’ll probably have Toby in our room for the next couple of nights if it stays humid, and I’m going to need to hook up our noisy window air conditioner.

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