mr ray

One of the highlights of Toby’s Sunday mornings at church is hearing our organist, Ray Johnston, play the voluntary after the service: “Mr Ray did play the organ, it was very loud. He did use his fingers and also he did use his feet”. It was especially fun for him this weekend – he wanted to sit in on the choir rehearsal before the service, and seemed to really enjoy it. We rehearsed one accompanied piece without the organ at first to get things together – I had a solo and I think it was the first time he got to hear me sing properly. When we practiced with the organ Ray played and also conducted from the organ console. The console faces down the building so if you’re in the congregation you can just about see the top of the organist’s head, and Toby could see Ray’s conducting hand over the top of the console. Apparently Toby thought that this meant Mr Ray was waving at him, so he was frantically waving back most of the time.

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