getting going

So Toby woke me up at ten to six this morning (at least he didn’t particularly wake us during the night for the first time in ages) and was very insistent that I got up. So I got going, we had breakfast and were set to go really early. When we realized how early we were we decided to get some more things together at home, then we went past the coffee shop for Emma to get something, then dropped Toby off at school just before 8, only a half hour before when we usually get him there. Then when I got to the office, my email wouldn’t launch properly so I had to restart my laptop then run the repair thing to get it all sorted correctly. So I didn’t really get it opened until about 8:30, when I usually get to the office anyway. And now I’m writing a blog post. So after the early start I haven’t really gotten any more done than I usually would have done. Plus I need some tea to keep me going because I had less sleep than I wanted, so that’ll take another 5-10 minutes. Life in the fast lane.

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