quite good and very bad

Good news or bad news first? OK, bad news. I dropped my previously trusty PDA – an iPAQ running Windows PocketPC – yesterday and now it won’t sync up with my computer any more, so it’s basically worthless. I’ve spent a lot of time reinstalling software and rebooting the device but although it tries to contact the PC it just freezes up every time. Dang. I really rely on it to have my contacts and appointments. So if I never call or visit now, you know why.

The good news – Toby suddenly seems to like taking showers. We have a neat shower attachment which actually has two heads – one fixed and one hand-held, so we use the hand-held one for him. I got some fun foamy soap stuff a few weeks ago and that encourages him to be in the shower. Also around three weeks ago I started using shampoo on his hair, now that he actually has hair, so using the shower is a great way to make sure he’s all rinsed properly, plus I think it’s helped to cool him off in the last couple of weeks with the heat and humidity we’ve been having.

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