just … horrible

Last night we picked my visiting friend Richard up from the Mall of America where he’d been doing the tourist thing – spending a whole day and a wad of cash there. We met him at 6ish then got something to eat. On the way out we were accosted by a disgusting wailing noise which was so repulsive I was a little bit sick into my mouth. It turned out that “Christian” “singer” Joy Williams was making an appearance in the atrium much to our misfortune. Words almost fail me. Many slack-jawed Republican lilywhite suburbanites gazing open-mouthed at her all confused as to how their repressive version of religion mixes with a skinny blond woman gyrating and holding a microphone near her mouth while singing stuff about, presumably, how great it is to hold hands and be a virgin for the Lord. As for the singing, imagine a shrill, extra-sugary version of all the blandest girl-singer stuff you’ve heard on the radio, turn it up and multiply it by 6.66. Man it was bad.

The worst was when we took Toby past. He started clapping. My own son! In a crowded elevator I rebuked him. Poor little guy was all confused. We hopefully flushed out his system in the car with a dose of They Might Be Giants, but I still feel icky.

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