raw meat

I saw an ad a couple of nights ago on TV (despite having TiVo I occasionally watch an ad or two) featuring Jared, the spokesman for Subway who lost 245 pounds on a diet of Subway sandwiches. He was saying that by making it possible for you to have your sandwich toasted, they have effectively doubled the size of their menu, and you wouldn’t find that at McDonald’s. Well of course. Unlike Subway, McDonald’s already cook their food – what were you expecting, that they would have a new raw menu?

Anyway, I did have a Subway sandwich for lunch today – toasted – and it was very tasty indeed. Plus plenty of veggies to be healthy. On the way over I saw a guy holding his young son’s hand (the boy must have been 2 or 3) and I was overtaken by a wave of missing Toby, all of a sudden. It’s kind of nice to have some time to myself and everything, but I do miss hanging out with my little boy. Only a week till they’re back. I spoke with Emma yesterday – they’re doing just fine, and Toby is extremely happy to be with his grandparents. Toby spoke on the phone to me too, but pretty much only to say “Hello Daddy”, and then listen to me asking him questions, none of which he answered. He’ll get the hang of phones soon.

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