bad fruit

While Toby is away (he gets back this afternoon) I’ll have to rely on other children for amusing stories. So yesterday while I was at the grocery store I was choosing some lovely fresh organic veggies, standing next to the selection of pre-cut watermelons, and heard the following exchange:

Small Girl: Mommy, why are those melons sitting in ice?

Mom: Because it stops them from going bad

Small Girl: [indistinct but slightly upset sounding comment]

Mom: No it’s OK, watermelons don’t become evil.

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  1. [...] I posted something a while ago about miscommunication of words with multiple meanings to little people. A similar thing happened this morning. Toby woke up with mussy hair, and I said to him that we should comb it because he had mad hair. He said “no, my hair’s not mad – it’s happy”. [...]

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