busy weekend

Lots happened at the weekend. Saturday morning we went to the Minnesota Science Museum in St Paul, so that Toby could roar at some dinosaurs, which he did quite effectively. In the afternoon I had a rehearsal for a concert at the cathedral – Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius, which is a huge piece. We had a choir of 90ish and an orchestra of over 60. While I was at the rehearsal, Emma and Toby went to Paul and Claire’s for the afternoon so that the ladies could go shopping and the kids went out to play (read about their exploring and see a photo here). The concert went very well on the night, apart from one bit falling apart somewhat – how hard is it to watch the damn beat? – and the audience seemed to enjoy it. It was kind of exhausting though: because we had so many people squeezed in there was no space for seats for the choir so we had to stand through the whole one and three quarter hours. While I was out singing, Emma gave Toby a haircut and then they watched Toy Story which I think he enjoyed, although when Woody and Buzz Lightyear weren’t getting on he kept saying, “I don’t like the buzz”.

Sunday we had the usual morning service at church, and also the last evensong of the season for me in the afternoon. The choir was a bit wiped out but we retained the energy to do some noisy Kenneth Leighton stuff, and miraculously I was still able to hit the top notes. A pleasant doing-nothing kind of evening followed, with bath time for Toby and interrupted only by the trauma of him falling down the stairs, poor guy. It’s a miracle it hasn’t happened before – I think he just tripped over his feet about four steps from the bottom. No particular harm done apart from a bit of a black eye, and he’s been much more careful on the stairs since. Maybe he’s growing again – the last time he had a growth spurt he was very clumsy for a week or so.

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